the basics

+ Having your lashes done is similar to having your nails done: you start will a Full Set & you maintain the look with Fills.

+ We prefer lash extensions for everyday wear, but they’re great for special occasions too.

+ When applied correctly by a licensed and trained professional, eyelash extensions do not cause damage to your natural lashes.

lash fills

+ Fills should be scheduled every 2 - 3 weeks to keep your lashes looking full and maintained.

+ Fills are necessary because our lashes grow and shed just like our hair does. As mature lashes shed, new lashes grow in.

+ During fills, grown out extensions are removed and replaced & extensions are added to new growth.

+ When scheduled regularly (every 2-3 weeks), Classic fills take 60 minutes and Volume fills take 90 minutes.

Grown out extensions during a fill.

Grown out extensions during a fill.

Classic Eyelash Extensions

Classic Eyelash Extensions

Volume Eyelash Extensions

Volume Eyelash Extensions



+ One extension is applied to one natural lash.

+ Each individual extension is thicker than the extensions used in Volume.

+ Typically have more of a natural, mascara look.


+ one handmade-fan is applied to one natural lash.

+ Individual extensions are lighter weight than those used in Classic so that more than one extension can be applied to one natural lash.

+ Each volume fan is hand made right before it is applied to the natural lash.

+ Typically fluffier and give more of a falsies look.

+ Length is not affected when choosing Classic or Volume, only density.

+ You can transition from Classic to Volume or vice versa at any fill.

Because every lash line is different in thickness, density, and length, no two sets of extensions will be the same.  Where Classic extensions may be enough for one person, Volume may be a better option for others. As you look through our portfolio you will notice that, regardless of Classic or Volume, our style tends to be more natural.