Eyelash Extensions

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the basics

Having your lashes done is similar to having your nails done: first a Full Set is applied, then maintained with Fills every 2-3 weeks.

The Benefits

Extensions are black, bold, and keep their curl. With lash extensions you do not need to curl your lashes or wear mascara. This means no more raccoon eyes, or accidental lash curler mishaps (yeah, we’ve seen it all). In addition, many ladies confidently reduce the amount of eyeliners & eyeshadows they apply on a daily basis.

Proudly claim, “I woke up like this.” Seriously. Roll out of bed, fluff your lashes & be on your way.

Save time + frustration. 1st layer, dry. 2nd layer, dry. 3rd layer… No more layering mascara over and over again only to have to clean up the residue + dark shadows.

Improve natural lash health. Any repetitive action on your lashes will negatively affect your lash health. Are you an eye rubber? A mascara layer-er? A lash curler addict? Having extensions makes mascara and curlers obsolete and makes you more aware of the actions you take on your eyes.

The commitment

We love our lashes as daily wear, but they work well for special occasions too.


Classic v. volume

In Classic lash extensions, one extension is applied to one natural lash. Each individual classic extension is thicker than the extensions used in volume lashing.

In Volume lash extensions, one fan is applied to one natural lash.  Extensions used in volume are lighter weight than those used in classic lashing so that more than one extension can be used.  Each volume fan is hand made right before it is applied to the natural lash.

Typically Classic extensions will have more of a natural, mascara look to them whereas Volume extensions will typically be fluffier and will give more of a falsies look.

Because every lash line is different in thickness, density, and length, no two sets of extensions will be the same.  Where Classic extensions may be enough for one person, Volume may be a better option for others.

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