3 Aspects of Eyelash Extensions You Should Know


Eyelash Extensions are the perfect way to enhance your natural look & will save you time during your morning routine. Below we dive into three aspects of eyelash extensions you should know about before having lashes applied.

classic eyelash extensions by The Studio

classic eyelash extensions by The Studio


Eyelash extensions are made from two types of materials: synthetic & natural.  At The Studio we only utilize synthetic extensions.

Synthetic extensions are made from a flexible plastic material and are meant to look and feel like the natural fiber extensions, without the added maintenance.  With synthetic fiber extensions, you don't have to curl them or tint them.  They are thick and dark, but extremely lightweight.  Most extensionists will use synthetic extensions in their services even though they still often refer to them as mink.

Natural fiber extensions are made of real hair pulled from mink, fox, horse, and sometimes humans.  These fibers are very fine and lightweight and require regular perming to hold a curl, just like natural human hair.

We choose to use synthetic fibers because we do not support animal cruelty & we want our guests to enjoy the lift, depth, and ease that synthetic extensions provide without unnecessary maintenance.

isolation of a single natural lash with a volume extension attached

isolation of a single natural lash with a volume extension attached


When applied correctly, eyelash extensions are applied to the natural lash, not the skin.  Each natural lash is completely isolated & one extension is applied to each natural lash (classic) or one fan is applied to each natural lash (volume).  Extensions should not stick to one another.  A clean mascara wand should be able to move throughout the set of extensions without getting stuck.

The goal in each lash session is to apply an extension to each natural lash available to achieve the fullest possible look for our guests.

Lash extensions should only be applied by a licensed cosmetologist or esthetician in the state of Florida.  While certifications are not required, proper training is extremely important.

volume fan before application

volume fan before application


In Classic lash extensions, one extension is applied to one natural lash. Each individual classic extension is thicker than the extensions used in volume lashing.

In Volume lash extensions, one fan is applied to one natural lash.  Extensions used in volume are lighter weight than those used in classic lashing so that more than one extension can be used.  Each volume fan is hand made right before it is applied to the natural lash.

Typically Classic extensions will have more of a natural, mascara look to them whereas Volume extensions will typically be fluffier and will give more of a falsies look.

Because every lash line is different in thickness, density, and length, no two sets of extensions will be the same.  Where Classic extensions may be enough for one person, Volume may be a better option for others.