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With a history of practicing holistic health (as an acupuncturist) and a longer one practicing yoga and meditation personally, the next natural step seemed to be to certify in yoga. I wanted a way to help my patients, particularly military and first responders, to alleviate both their physical and mental stress and cut down on medication. Lo and behold, YTT changed my life both personally and professionally and now I am on a mission to share and teach yoga for "every body" and to the willing. I whole heartedly believe there is a piece or part or practice in yoga that will fit every person, its just a matter of finding your preferred branch or style. I teach classes comfortable enough for a beginner and yet challenging enough for everyone. I like to sometimes incorporate fun themes and music into our practice because every workout should be enjoyable. These are not your typical yoga classes - be prepared to giggle, share, and play!


- currently instructing -

Integral Hatha yoga

Fridays @ 8PM

Saturdays @ 4PM

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